About RT Team

The purpose of our existence is to evaluate, expound and showcase the awesome spark of creation in every regtech enterprise and professional. The RegtechTimes Team brings you news, stories of regtech entrepreneurs and regtech influencers, regtech startups, resource pieces and the first glimpse of emerging trends from the entrepreneurial ecosystem of regulatory technologies.

Mayur Joshi

Co-Founder Regtechtimes

Mayur is a Chartered Accountant and Forensic Accounting evangelist. He started Indiaforensic which is the Pioneer of AML Education in India

Vijay Chaudhary

AML Expert

Vijay Chaudhary is expert in Anti Money Laundering and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. He regularly contributes on the subject of Regulation and Technoogy

Varad Chiney

GDPR Evangelist

Varad Chiney is Information security expert and the GDPR evangelist and writes about information security compliance and enforcement

Vedant Sangit

Co-Founder Regtechtimes

Vedant is co-founder and editor of Regtech times. He is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert. He writes on the subject of Money Laundering and FCPA Violations.