AML Certification in Mauritius

Legitimate sources obtains money illegally. In the recent years,criminal activities have increased rapidly. It conceals the true source of ownership. It has a closed tuning with the organized crimes.  The Mauritius government is also facing a lot of problem to combat the money laundering measures. Hence, Let us understand the different AML certification Mauritius.

The important aspect of money laundering is the tendency and the need to operate the cross border schemes that are taking place. To fight and combat money laundering measures, there is a considerable progress. Although, in Mauritius, the financial services commission is the regulator for non-banking financial institutions.

AML Certification in Mauritius

To combat money laundering, the government of Mauritius has passed Anti-Money laundering and Combatting Financial Terrorism Act. Since, Mauritius laws are very stringent. There are a lot of anti-money laundering challenges taking place in Mauritius. To control the money laundering that is taking place, the Mauritius citizens should get the knowledge of AML/ CFT in detail.  Therefore, the country has taken important steps to combat money laundering. Money Laundering involves Financial Intelligence Unit.

In response to the expeditious growth in the financial crimes and anti-money laundering, Regtech Times Academy has launched a new certification program for the AML, compliance professionals pursuing to meet the regulatory standards in an expanding market environment. Thus, AML certification in Mauritius plays a major role.  “Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program” is designed for the professionals working in the AML, compliance domain. Hence, the Certified Anti-Money laundering Professional Program is one of the AML certification which has a global recognition.

Riskpro Learning offers short-term online AML certification courses:

  • Certification in Trade Based Money Laundering– Proceeds of crime are laundered through the international trade. This certification explains the different methods of trade and the informal value transfer systems.
  • Risk Based Money Laundering– This online learning course discuss different aspects of risk based KYC approach and identification of the high risk customers.
  • Shell Company Investigations– Money obtained from criminal activities is introduced in the shell companies to make it appear as the income from legitimate source. This short term AML program helps the students to understand the different types of corporate structures.

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program 

Since, the aspirants register for the CAMP program, the aspirants will undergo video based learning program on the international case studies of various banks, getting the overview of the PEP, understanding the risk associated in the money laundering, overview of international laws and AML/CFT regulations imposed by Financial Action Task Force developed for the AML, compliance industry.AML professionals skill set  measures the program.

To whom this course is applicable

AML professionals would get benefit by doing this program. Anybody who aspires to work in the core compliance field.  Thus, the entrants who want to make there career in AML, compliance domain could choose this program.

Is the certificate program for you?

This certification is different from the other ceritifications as it would insist one to explore the AML functions also the legislative overview that is global as well as EU having the AML framework.  Hence, the major outcome is that  the aspirants will get by doing this certificaion program is that they would get the understanding of the AML, compliance  skills.

Teaching Techniques

The international edition of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional program  exahustive video learning based program developed by Regtech Times Academy. Thus, from developing video learning and a resource book, it offers an exhaustive content in the risk and compliance domain.

Examination Pattern 

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional Program is liable for MCQ based online examination. There are 100 questions for 100 marks. The duration of the examination is 2 hours. There is no marking marking criteria. Therefore, the minimum passing marks for cracking the exam is 75%.

Fee Structure of the Program

The professional aspirants are in search of doing something unique related to AML, compliance domain globally. They want to explore different types of global certifications which would add value to their knowledge. Experienced AML professionals developed CAMP.  Hence, the cost of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional program is 300$ for an individual to complete this program.