Best AML Certification in the Compliance Universe

Anti Money Laundering is a term used across the globe for a set of laws and regulations designed to stop criminals from disguising illicitly acquired funds as lawful profits. AML Compliance as it is popularly known, has become more vital to the financial industry. Given the ever increasing ease of financial transactions giving leeway for money launderers and terrorist to accommodate their illicit activities. There are dire consequences of not complying with the AML regulations. Regulators impose large fines on financial institutions which results in tainted reputation.

Banks are spending huge money to comply with the anti money laundering norms. They require lot of human capital to deal with AML related compliance. This situation entails the demand for the trained AML professionals.

Background of Certifications in AML

As being in the news almost daily, AML is an industry getting hotter by the minute, and that is causing a spike in demand for ‘qualified’ personnel to fill these positions. The Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is somewhat of a ‘seal of approval’. It shows that you have a strong foundation in anti money laundering and understand the compliance concepts.

Certifications are helpful for those who need the confirmation of the formal education in the Anti Money Laundering space.

Adding the four letters CAME after your name will allow you to demand 10-20% more in salary. Your guidance, opinions, and suggestions will carry more weight when you deal with potential employers, customers or counterparts. It does not mean you are an expert, but it does mean you have the tools to become an expert.


Today there are many KYC AML certification courses available. However, very few are updated with the developments in the AML and KYC domain. For many of the AML Compliance course providers, it is yet another certification. Many of them consider it as the tool of their own branding.

Certification is not the branding of companies, it is all about increasing the visibility of the students.

Globally only two such serious certifications are available. The CAMS and The CAME. Unlike other players in this domain, these two are the focused only on the financial crime risks and compliance. They are serious about the marketability of the students. They brand certifications over their companies and hence add value to the student profile.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert (CAME)

Certified Anti Money Laundering is the most cost effective certification. It’s like CA is for accountants & CFA is for finance professionals in India.

CAME is termed as the crown jewel of compliance certifications. Moreover, this certification has significant value in market for both domestic and International AML or KYC processes. The syllabus is comprehensive. It offers two resources with admission to the program. Anti Money Laundering Manual is a generic guide whereas Global handbook is limited edition for the international students.

Not to mention, Indiaforensic offers this program across the world. In the year 2004, CA Mayur Joshi founded the Indiaforensic Center of Studies to impart education in financial crimes. Today this certificate has been recognized as the Certification of National Significance. According to a survey by Indiatoday, CAME has a huge contribution to the education and training segment of Anti Money Laundering Domain in India. This certification is very much inline with FATF Guidelines as Prevention of Money Laundering Act was introduced in 2002 in India and this certification was introduced by Indiaforensic in 2004 i.e. two years later the enactment.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

CAMS brands itself as Gold standard. It is American Certification but established chapters in the different regions of the world. Realistically it adds marginally to your marketability or income making ability. In most fraud and compliance positions it’s highly encouraged to get, but unless your employer is paying for it, it’s very expensive.

ACAMS test your knowledge on money laundering schemes and also on international regulations. It’s not a difficult exam, especially if you are from a securities compliance or regulator background. The content is pretty intuitive. But risk and reward go hand in hand, this is a little difficult to crack and requires serious preparation.

Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional

Riskpro Learning offers the Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional (CAMP) program for the international students. You can check the international CAMP Program here

Cost of the certification program is affordable for global audience. And it was designed by Indian organization specializing in financial crime compliance. However, there are couple of eligibility criteria that you might have to consider before getting into it. Its gaining importance due to its appealing video learning content.

AML Certification courses in India

Certification Name Target Audience Mode Registration Link
Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert Compliance Professionals Distance Learning CAME Registration
Certified TBML Expert International Trade Professionals, Trade finance professionals Distance Learning CTBMLE Registration
Certification in Risk Based Approach to Money Laundering Compliance Professionals E-learning CRBML Registration
Certification in AML Requirements for Currency Exchanges Staff of Currency Exchange Houses, Crypto currency exchanges E-learning CMSBML Registration
Certification in Shell Company Investigations Lawyers and Corporate Structuring Professionals E-learning CSHELLI Registration

Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator (CAMI)

Regtechtimes Academy offers the Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator (CAMI) program. This AML certification is launched in four countries including Ireland, Netherlands, UAE and Singapore. CAMI is the AML diploma launched in October 2020. It is one of the most exhaustive anti money laundering online course. Additionally, CAMI is the instructor driven program. It is certainly a good option for the professionals in the MENA region.

Other AML Certifications

Many companies across the world offer company branded certifications. V-skills is another certification provider. It is a Government of India initiative. It is an inexpensive program. Although this might be true, it is more of Vskills branding. Moreover, is also flexible with respect to test centers and choice of the test day. However, V-Skills offers many other certifications and AML Course is yet another certification for them.

Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is one of the oldest but offers company branded certificate in KYC. This inexpensive course is also a low budget course. However, a good value-add, only if you are working in compliance team of a Indian Public Sector Bank.

The lowest cost course program is offered by Udemy. This costs somewhere between Rs.700-Rs.730. But there are multiple videos which explain the concepts in AML Compliance. So this course is meant for the students. Additionally, this training program considers the latest developments of risk based money laundering provisions. Riskpro learning, a Risk Management education company offers this certification. This is in addition to the Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional program, which is helpful in professional development.

Best AML Certification

To Summarize, based on the costs and rewards, I believe that Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert is the best AML certification for the compliance officers across the world. To an extent the CAME students help in prevention of money laundering in many international banks. As a result, CAME Alumni is the reason for the popularity of this certification. It is also helpful for the regtech professionals across the world. The CAME alumni certainly have their own groups where they help each other to find the jobs. Finally, Compliance is a closed community and CAME is the entry gate to enter this exclusive community.