Syllabus for Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert

Certified Anti Money Laundering is a leader in the curriculum. It offers varied topics in its study material. It covers various aspects including the legal provisions related to Money Laundering but the focus of the course remains on the suspected transaction analysis. Examination remains our strength. We have an exhaustive database of about 500 different questions and though multiple options the selection of questions is done very carefully. Altogether there are seven chapters that cover all the aspects of Money Laundering.

  • The 3 Essential Stages in Money Laundering
  • Techniques of Money Laundering
  • What is KYC ?
  • Law related to Money Laundering
  • Identification of Suspicious transactions
  • Business Sectors and Money Laundering

Certified Anti Moneylaundering Expert program provide the detailed overview of Laundering transactions in the world. From traditional methods to technology methods of laundering, this certification covers many facets of laundering transactions and includes Definition, size of Money Laundering, Reasons of Money Laundering by criminals, Consequences of Money Laundering, Essentials of Money Laundering, Risk of KYC to mitigate, Origin of Money laundering transactions, Indian Laws of Money Laundering. If you need more information on this program please fill out the following form