capacity building

Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is the leading provider of the compliance related education in India. Regtechtimes wants to spread the awareness about the courses, studies and educational programs offered by the ICSI. Here is a take on Governance initiatives by the ICSI.

Governance is an ever-changing concept. ICSI intends to promote the dynamism of governance under the leadership of CS Makarand Lele

In order to stay globally convoyed with the emerging trends in governance and to stand shoulder to shoulder with vision New India 2022, Institute has taken various initiatives; and many other are in pipeline.

To mention, few of our recent initiatives in assisting the advanced capacity building of stakeholders are:

  • ICSI Task Forces and Core Groups in various areas empanelling teams of experts
  • ICSI Corporate Leadership and Development Programme
  • Training of  GST Account Assistants
  • Advanced updates on GST with GST Newsletter, GST App and  GST Point
  • ICSI Strategic Leadership Programme
  • Development and updating of Secretarial Standards
  • MoU with Premier Bodies including Competition Commission of India, NSDL, etc.
  • National and International Programmes on Contemporary Issues of Professional Interest
  • Publications in Various areas requiring professional expertise.
  • Specialized Webinars on Company Law, GST and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.