Global AML Certification by Regtechtimes AML Academy

CAMLI-Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator™ is the leading AML compliance certification program designed by the Regtechtimes AML Academy (RT Academy).

CAMLI Certification is designed to provide candidates with a in-depth knowledge of the practical aspects to being an AML investigator while performing transaction monitoring. This course is helpful for the AML professionals who investigate the alerts and red flags in addition to the compliance officers.

The aim of certification course is to enable candidates to confidently answer questions at a job interview for a position in the field, including the all-important question of “Why should you be hired for a job in the AML field with no prior experience in the industry?” The Fincen Files reveal that huge amount of money is involved in the laundering operations across the world. CAMI Certification elaborates the AML Case investigation process in depth.

AML Certification from Regtechtimes Academy

Moreover, it covers the topics such as latest AML and compliance cases around the world. Including the commentary on Fincen Files. There are specific sessions on risk management in digital currency arena. In the wake of growing criminal activities it becomes important to understand the changing dynamics in the risk and compliance domain. CAMI Certification is transaction monitoring course.

The course covers cases pertaining to the Commonwealth Bank Laundering and Troika Laundering. The discussion is particularly helpful in understanding how money laundering and terrorist financing operations exploit the banking system. It provides insights of different financial transactions across the world.

Additionally, it focus on identifying red flags and suspicious activities in banks. It elaborates the AML case investigation process in detail. Real life case studies make it easy for the students to understand the AML Investigation process. Students also write the investigation reports during the process of learning.

During this course, candidates will also have the opportunity to complete case write-ups to sharpen their AML case investigation skills. As well as a practice exams to test knowledge on the topics covered. The best part of this certification process is that you can create testing center on your laptop or a personal computer.

Equally important is that the course is video learning program. You get to write three Case reports along with the video learning course. Not to mention, the model answers are provided along with the case reports.

Another key point is the certification examination. At the end there is a certification examination, and any candidate scoring 75% marks in the final examination achieves the certificate of merit.

Certification in Anti Money Laundering Investigation Syllabus

  • Latest AML and Compliance related cases around the world.
  • The AML Transaction Monitoring Process.
  • How to identify Red flags and Suspicious Activity in financial institutions.
  • The AML Case Investigation Process and how to write a case narrative.
  • Submitting Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) to the Financial Intelligence Units.

CAMI Countries

Furthermore, the CAMI-Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator™ program is currently offered in two continent editions and more than 10 countries. CAMI (Middle East Edition) covers following countries in the middle eastern region

Certified Anti Money Laundering Professional course was launched in the Europe. This certification has become popular in Europe due to the ease of accessing and the good repository of video learning modules.

Who this course is for:

  • AML analysts working in name screening, KYC & CDD.
  • Bankers in other functions who are looking for a role in Transaction Monitoring as an AML Investigator
  • Banking professionals currently working in areas other than AML & Compliance, seeking a career shift to those departments.

CAMLI certification cost

CAMLI certification is offered in almost 10 different countries. Not to mention it is one of the most professional certifications in the anti money laundering (AML) domain. The cost of CAMLI Certification is $400 which includes the cost of certification and syllabus as well. CAMLI Cost of $400 includes Syllabus fees, Certification fees and Examination fees.

Onkar is a Masters in Cyber Security, Ireland. He is a cybersecurity professional with extensive knowledge in Digital forensic investigations and Risk assessment. Onkar Bhanarkar is the Specialist Regtech analyst who contributes articles on money laundering enforcement actions in India, GDPR, Risk assessment, and Cyber Attacks.