China Banning Force Technology Transfers to Call Off Trump Trade War

A new flashed in Beijing stating that China is now endorsing a law which will help to end a war with Washington by denying officials to force foreign companies to give a handover of technology. The country holds the highest profile event every year named as National People’s Congress which bring around 3000 plus delegates for two weeks for conducting speeches, meetings with senior authorities and performing political rituals to countersign the ongoing communist party’s social and economic welfare plans at the ornate Great Hall of people. Whole event affair and enthusiasm is being taken over by the battle with China’s biggest trading partner. Event in China highlights groups from the very platform in distinctive traditional dress. Groups such as movie stars, ethnic minorities, drawing tech billionaires and many more.

It has given a platform to President Xi Jinping’s government a place to showcase changes aimed to finish up the fight with President Donal Trump that has comprehensively disturbed the trading of goods.

China has planned to change its strategies for upcoming technologies which makes US officials worry about challenging U.S. Industrial Dominance.

An official of China denies accepting that Beijing pressurizes companies to hand over trade technologies and essential information.

The proposed law states that officials would be banned from using administrative methods to pressurize technology transfers.

Tim Stratford, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, named a measure a “step forward,” however, business groups commentated that they need to see how it will be enforced and help in successful starting without any delays a lot of companies have been disappointing long before after making commitments to them. This time they willing to fulfill the positive words spoken and prove it by following the same. The state press has noticed China’s other influential topics to encourage foreign investments and free trade zone.