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    Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator™ (CAMI) is a customized Anti-money laundering training course for the audience in Middle East Asian countries. This AML Certification is recognized worldwide for its selection of the topics. This is a forward looking certification program which emphasize on the financial crime risks like Crypto currency money laundering. In addition to the complex Crypto laundering it also covers topics on shell companies.

    CAMI certification denotes proven knowledge in the detection and prevention of money laundering. Regtechtimes Academy offers the CAMI Certification in two continents. It offers two versions of CAMI viz. CAMI Europe and CAMI Middle East.

    CAMI Middle East countries is specifically designed course considering the flows of illicit funds through the money service businesses. Regtechtimes Academy offers a complimentary printed book developed for AML professionals. This book acts as the reference guide for the compliance professionals and discuss various techniques and criminal activities used in money laundering operations. It throws light on the concepts of drug trafficking and terrorist financing.

    CAMI Course length is 5 hours of Video Learning in addition to self-study resources. Though there are 17 different countries in this region the cost of the Certification remains the same for every country. From Egypt to UAE all the aspiring anti money laundering specialists pay the same fees.

    Another important factor for the compliance officers to chose CAMI as the preferred certification is that, upon registration your laptop becomes your test center.

    We offer Certified Anti Money Laundering Investigator Certification (CAMI) in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan etc.

    Detailed Course Content

    International Trade

    • Understanding International Trade
    • Players of International Trade

    Role of Financial Institutions

    • Role of Banks
    • Case study of Letter of Undertaking

    Background of TBML

    • Trade Based Money Laundering and Banks
    • Methods of Money Laundering

    Trade- Based Money Laundering Techniques

    • Common Practices of TBML Schemes
    • Features of Over Invoicing Scheme

    Shell and front Companies

    • Case Study of North Korean Trade Laundering

    Due Diligence in Trade Practices

    • Red Flags of TBML
    • Red flags of for Business

    The Financial Action Task Force

    • FATF Recommendations
    • India and the Financial Action Task Force

    International Sanctions

    • Sanctions: Origin and Purpose
    • Types of Sanctions

    eCommerce Transaction Laundering

    • What is eCommerce Laundering?
    • Techniques of eCommerce Laundering

    Luxury Goods

    • Challenges in Investigation: Luxury Goods Sector
    • Recommendation for Luxury Goods Market

    Gold as a tool of Money Laundering

    • Red Flags of Customer Behaviour pertaining to Gold

    Diamonds as tool of Money laundering

    • Global nature of Diamond trade
    • Challenges in Investigation: Diamond Sector

    Frauds in International Trade

    • Document Alteration
    • Phantom Ship

    Understanding Terms of Trade

    • Introduction to TBML Course
    • TBML Mechanism
    • Role of Financial Institution
    • Understanding the Trade Finance
    • Concepts related to the Letter of Credit
    • Understanding the International Trade
    • Shipment Process

    Manipulation of the Trade

    • Invoice Manipulation Techniques
    • Common Techniques of TBML
    • Money Laundering through Diamond Trade
    • Laundering through eCommerce
    • Techniques of eCommerce Laundering
    • Cuckoo Smurfing
    • Gold Trade Laundering
    • Example of Crimes in Trade

    Risk Management in TBML

    • Preparing Policies and Procedures
    • Broad Management Oversight
    • Latest AML and Compliance related cases around the world.
    • The AML Transaction Monitoring Process.
    • How to identify Red flags and Suspicious Activity in financial institutions.
    • The AML Case Investigation Process and how to write a case narrative.
    • Submitting Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs) to the Financial Intelligence Units.

    Self Study resources are created to give the overview of the known financial transactions in the region. Financial systems in the middle east region were found to have gone in non-compliance of the AML regulations laid down by Financial Action Task Force. Many bank accounts were found to have received the proceeds of crime to be invested in the real estate projects in the region.

    Who needs AML Certification Course ?

    Any individual who aspires to work in the core compliance of a Banking company or an Exchange houses can opt for CAMI. This certification is also for those who wish to shift their career into compliance.

    Exam Preparation

    We at Regtechtimes Academy believe in to providing quality education in the field of compliance. Our objective of creating a special module for Middle Eastern countries is to provide in-depth compliance education to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. Our certification program helps in identification of the risk behind technology supported new age monetary instruments. The highlights of our training are as follows:

    • Comprehensive video sessions
    • Complimentary Self study resources
    • Free updates for the life of certification
    • Extensive support availability
    • Revision of Key topics & Question-based revision
    • Availability of mock tests and simulated exams

    To know more about the courses please feel free to write to us.