Exploring ICSI’s potential to grow international

Hon President of ICSI Makarand Lele explains his plans to go international.

“This is our golden jubilee year. During the recent Golden Jubilee Year celebrations of ICSI, Hon’ble Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi applauded the fact that the advice given by a Company Secretary is key towards impacting the corporate governance scenario in the country”.

In light of this, The Institute of Company Secretaries of India  while pioneering a ‘New ICSI’ under the mantra of “Reform, Transform and Perform” will continue its mounting thrust towards implementation of  Good Corporate Governance practices in all  the major and minor Businesses and corporate entities across India.

We at ICSI have taken this opportunity to launch ‘Company Secretary as a Corporate Savior’ programme. The main aim of this programme is to promote the profession of  Company Secretary on a global level wherein we brand Company Secretary as ‘Gateway to Business in India’. Going a step further, and realising the fact that the profession and the professionals cannot be contained within the territories of this economy, the Institute has moved notches ahead by getting in touch with UK NARIC. UK’s National Recognition Information Centre provides fully comprehensive datasets on global qualifications and skills, and has created unique and world-leading series of International Comparisons.

In a meeting with Ms. Abgail Jones of NARIC, we presented the Company Secretaryship Course Curriculum so as to be identified with and validated and be made a part of the global dataset of qualifications. I am also very much hopeful that this strategic alliance shall provide greater academic and professional mobility to the members and create better understanding of our worthy qualification.

At present I also hold the post of  Secretary at Corporate Secretary International Association (CSIA). CSIA has 15 countries as members and has its  head office in Hong Kong. ICSI and CSIA are together working on a number of initiatives for the growth and development of the CS profession. We are also developing courses in three different areas

  1. Certified CSR Professionals,
  2. Panchayat Raj Management Certified Professional
  3. Certified Compliance Management Assistants

Our Certified CSR Professional course is accredited by National Skill Development Commission. Last year, ICSI established a model governance code for meetings of gram panchayats. We also have training courses in Insolvency Code.