High Amount Fraudulent Invoices Generated in Law Firm

The CTO of a law firm Budd Larner has been accused of stealing from the firm. As per the law, Rocco Romeo, along with Jacqueline Galler, his co-defendant ran a three year long fake invoice scheme. He used his position in the wrong way. They have been charged for money laundering.

Even wire fraud is also dropped in their kitty of charges. As per the sources, New Your Law Journal, opponents believe that Rocco Romeo created a fake invoice in the name of the people which then his organization paid online. As they were fake, so all the money went into his kitty, and through these ways, he made fraudulent activities in the company by misusing his position. He faked it with a process. He first received invoices by the company through different portals such as Paypal, FreshBooks and even directly sent to Romeo.

Authorities say that Geller handled all the money paid to them and then both of them used it for their expense. Geller’s lawyer defends her by saying that she is just a victim and does not have any hand in such misdeeds. They made a company called Seventech Company and raised all invoices with that name. However, no such title existed anywhere. It was just a fiction company created by them to whom Budd Larner paid. Romeo was misguiding them about this company and said that it is a Silicon Valley tech firm with employees working under a nondisclosure agreement. Due to this reason, he told all conversations need to be routed through Romeo to Budd Larner.

However, the firm has yet not made any official statement on this fraud case. Just this week only the Partner Philip Chronakis filed a complaint against Rocco Romeo and Jacqueline Galler for the fraud on behalf of the firm to get them punished for this misdeed.