Money Laundering in UAE

The UAE was previously indulging in offshore structures and arrangements to attract profits without real economic substance. However, following commitments, the EU removed the UAE from the blacklist. Therefore, Money Laundering in UAE should be looked at.

AML Certification in United Arab Emirates

The aspirants who want to become anti money laundering professionals would not need a right education for employment, but also a professional accreditation. The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional is one of the kind of designation for AML professionals to combat money laundering. Regtech Times Academy has launched a new course Certified Anti Money Laundering  Professional (CAMP). Therefore, by doing this course one will get the basic knowledge of AML Domain.

It is one of the video based learning certification in compliance domain. In order to differentiate the Certified Anti Money Laundering Professionals from the various other certifications, we offer bouquet of benefits and flexibility to the international AML professionals.

By doing this course, the aspirants will get the overview of international laws, understand risk based approach to money laundering etc.   Data related to the Money Laundering is very sensitive and it is not possible to outsource the data. Money laundering UAE is now becoming a challenge day by day.

Riskpro Learning offers multiple short-term AML certification courses:

  • Certification in Shell company Investigation – This certification is a specialized video learning course for the aspirants who want to know more about the shell company. The knowledge gained from this AML certification program will help one to identify and investigate the shell companies.
  • Certification in Trade Based Money Laundering – Proceeds of crime are laundered through the international trade. This certification explains the different methods of trade and the informal value transfer systems.
  • Risk Based Money Laundering – This online learning course discuss different aspects of risk based kyc approach and identification of the high risk customers.

Why CAMP Certification is Irreplaceable

The CAMP certification is one of the most popular international accreditation globally. When the candidates prepare and pass the CAMP exam with flying colors, they strengthen their knowledge, expand their expertise, and gain the competencies to prevent crimes that are taking place. Therefore, this certification keeps anti money laundering professionals aware of the new industry trends. While thinking in the view of career prospective, CAMP certification would provide with better job opportunities and higher wages.

Preparing CAMP Examination

Exam preparation is the part where one needs to prove yourself best. It is necessary to prepare hard to crack the exam. CAMP requires focused mindset with the goals to achieve.Hence,  for clearing the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional program exam, once the aspirants goes through the video learning sessions provided by RT Academy. It would help to clear the exam very easily.

CAMP Examination

To acquire the CAMP examination, the aspirants are required to register for the same and they are required to give the examination through online mode. Hence, there no negative marking criteria. The minimum passing marks for the same is 75%