Press Release submission to Regtechtimes platform

Publishing press releases at our global media dais acts like an engagement tool for organizations/entities to augment their media presence and consumer attentions including stakeholder communication requirements.

Regtechtimes is an exclusive platform to submit and get published press releases related to your techology or regulatory innovations. It is useful for various organizations/entities such as regulatory agencies, all size corporates, educational institutions, research organizations, individual researchers, research journals in the Regtech domain. The press releases can enhance their visibility globally and thus engage with millions of readers across the world. We are already linked to many such organizations/entities from various parts of the world and regularly publish provided press releases after editorial discretion.

Instructions and Guidelines

  • All press releases must be in English
  • This service is offered by – no fees are applicable to the companies or the PR agencies submitting news or press releases
  • Please submit your press release in Text or Word format only (.txt or .doc) or you can fill it in our forms content section
  • If you want to add an image, Please ensure that it is in JPEG or PNG format (.jpg or .png)
  • Please ensure that press releases sent to are no more than 48 hours old from date of original release. Articles older than that may not be published.