Tally Solutions Created a Bang for MSME’s in National Conference

ASSOCHAM organized a National Conference on GST 2.0 where country’s leading business software company Tally Solutions also participated. The main agenda of the conference was GST law changes and how it is impacting industries. It even highlighted the digital transformation in the new GST era. Going with the flow, Tally Solutions brought into everyone’s notice the Importance of Automation for MSME ’s and the need of technology to help them wisely.

ASSOCHAM is one of the apex associations in India, and Tally Solutions has always been reliable partners. They have been associated since long. Tally Solutions is progressively working on the innovations to make things flexible, easy, quick and safe for flourish MSME’s business and make them technologically strong.Mr. Aravind KS – Head, Evangelization, Tally Solutions even said that GST had bought plenty of benefits such as data accessibility to sellers and buyers, uploading of invoice anytime from anywhere and its eligibility of input credit motivates businesses. The companies will extensively flourish with such a mind change and create an environment attractive to go a long way.

There was an abundance of people in the business present where the company focused on how automation will improve any business’s daily operations and give rise to the overall productivity of the market. There was active and encouraging participation in the product and how it will benefit the simplicity of business management. It will give new heights to the business is taken into consideration with full motivation.

Main discussing points at the conference were even how the tax would be taken care of in future under the law of GST, central areas of planning under GST, the proposed framework under GST, legal disputes and contractual conflicts under GST.

Mr. Aravind very gracefully addressed the importance of technology and how it will boom the world in the future if adhered as per the directions.