The Global Regtech Competition

The Global Regtech Awards is the world’s leading academic awards program, open to all undergraduate students in almost accounting, finance and business domain and attracting submissions from hundreds of universities on every continent.

This is a unique opportunity to have your work recognized by an international panel of expert judges working in some of the world’s top academic institutions and reg tech companies. We believe in rewarding students for passion and innovation early in their academic career, to encourage them to continue their work through postgraduate study or employment.

Method of Submission

  1. Article of 2000 Words
  2. Research Paper
  3. Self Explanatory Videos


There are 3 primary categories of Regtech awards.

  1. LAWS- This category is open for the law students who would write an article of about 2000 words on any business law in their country. Some examples could be Benami Transactions Act in India.
  2. REGULATIONS- This category is for the students of business, accounting and finance stream. Students can submit their research papers on regulations such as Anti Money Laundering, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Bank Secrecy Act etc
  3. TECHNOLOGY- Current Trending collaboration of Regulatory Compliance and Technology. Students can write about how REGTECH (Regulatory Technology) is upgrading in current scenarios. What are the latest trends? How Tech helps Financial Institutions, Banks, Regulators for smooth Compliance processes.
  4. INNOVATION- This category is open for the startups eCommerce and Money Laundering. Here the companies, business or startups will present about how their solution was innovative and helped the clients resolved their regulatory or legal issues. Impact of technology in preventing trade based money laundering.

Submissions by Applicants

  1. Article of 2000 Words on either LAW or REGULATIONS or TECHNOLOGY category.
  2. Research Paper on either LAW or REGULATIONS or TECHNOLOGY category.
  3. Self Explanatory Videos on INNOVATION Category.

Submitting your entry is quick, simple and free! Submit today for a chance to have your work recognized and awarded at an international level.