Tony West, Chief Legal Officer Stands to Clean Uber’s Image

Uber has appointed a new chief legal officer in November 2017 named Mr. Tony West who is rapidly engaged in a delicate task that is cleaning Uber’s legitimate image in public. He is creating a transparency report to look at the number of people who had been assaulted sexually during Uber rides.

The effort is made by Tony West to sort Uber’s public image which is entangled with safety issues and complex work culture.

Uber employees will be working with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center to review 221 cases of sexual harassment that happened in 2017, directed by the chief legal officer. NSVR is a non-profit organization. He heard customer service calls out of which one call has a statement by the uber driver that he raped a passenger. So, the company had started digging into all old calls if they had more proofs of harassments. After 16 months as well, the work is still a lot pending, and there is a large set of situations that are underreported. Tony West said that if those numbers are counted that might go up. Mr. West is appointed in the company by Uber’s Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi, to turn around the table and make it a happy, safe and professional culture and personalize the rides with complete security. Mr. West looked into a lot of self-driving business who breached the matters and demanded a settlement. In the current year, Tony West is going to release a report that shows how much uber work needs to do and how tricky the challenge can be to browse. One officer even said that he would be very open and straightforward about the facts.

This work is significant to do as it will make the public believe again in being secure with Uber and help to rely faster upon. Rides should be flawless with a sense of security.

Onkar Bhanarkar
Onkar is a Masters in Cyber Security, Ireland. He is a cybersecurity professional with extensive knowledge in Digital forensic investigations and Risk assessment. Onkar Bhanarkar is the Specialist Regtech analyst who contributes articles on money laundering enforcement actions in India, GDPR, Risk assessment, and Cyber Attacks.