Certified Anti-Money Laundering Investigator course is offered by Regtech Times Academy. This program has a global recognition. Certified Anti-Money Laundering is best known for its selection of the topics as it gives you a wide range of instructor driven session. let us understand  the live training session for CAMI.

Live Training Session for CAMI

Vipul Tamhane (AML Investigator) conducts the live training session. The trainer would guide you on the Anti-Money Laundering investigation process. The training session is fully exhaustive. It is 30+hours of exhaustive live training session.  Post 1 month of live training session, the aspirants have to do the self study before the online examination.  Revision lectures would also be conducted after the live training sessions are over. The trainer is also going to provide the aspirants with the study resources for exam preps.

Program Intake

Since, this certification program is the leading certification program globally.  As the demand for the course is rising we are conducting live training session of the course for 1 month.

Frequently Asked Question Session

For pursuing any course, the aspirants have a lot of questions in their mind. One needs to clear all the doubts related to the course.  The trainer has scheduled fortnightly FAQ sessions. In these sessions, the aspirants can ask the questions related to the Certified Anti-Money Laundering Investigator course. This FAQ session would be beneficial for the CAMI  aspirants. It will give the overall idea of the entire course. By doing these sessions one would get the overall clarity of AML investigation.